Is Your Marriage At Risk of An Affair?

Take the Marital Affair Risk Assessment and Find Out

Answer “yes” or “no” to the following questions and compare your score to the assessment scale below.

  1. Are you involved in any opposite-sex friendships where you see or talk to each other without your spouse knowing about it?
  2. Do you have any opposite-sex friends with whom you occasionally share personal or private concerns about your life?
  3. Within the past 3-4 months have you communicated with old “girlfriends,” “boyfriends,” or ex-lovers?
  4. Do you share information about your personal marital life and challenges, etc. with associates or clients of the opposite sex?
  5. Do you flirt with or seek the attention or affirmation of opposite sex acquaintances?
  6. Do you compliment or affirm anyone of the opposite-sex other than your spouse?
  7. Have you ever had sexual relations with another person outside your marriage?
  8. Are you involved in any sport or leisure activity involving relationships that your spouse might say interferes with your connection to your spouse?
  9. Is there anyone besides your spouse that you occasionally hug or have physical contact with?
  10. Do you have relatives of the opposite sex with whom you regularly share your feelings or intimate details about your life?
  11. Is there anyone other than your spouse that you give and/or receive emotional support regularly?
  12. Do you occasionally dress in an alluring manner, with the intention of attracting attention from persons of the opposite sex?
  13. Do you use frequently read romance novels or watch “R” rated romance movies?
  14. Do you ever share good news with someone of the opposite sex other than your spouse before sharing it with your spouse?
  15. If a person of the opposite sex flirts with you, do you respond by interacting with them?
  16. Are you be willing to share the results of this assessment with your spouse?

Assessment Scale

0–2. LOW RISK of AN AFFAIR. You are faithful to your spouse. Congratulations! Now ask yourself if you are vulnerable in any of these areas or how you could improve and continue being faithful to your spouse.

3–7. MEDIUM RISK OF AN AFFAIR. You could improve your fidelity a lot and improve your emotional, physical and spiritual connection with your spouse. You’re probably not aware of how damaging the connections you are making outside your marriage are to the relationship with your spouse.

8–16. HIGH RISK OF AN AFFAIR . Your focus is outside your marriage. You are borderline unfaithful to your spouse, either physically or emotionally, or both. It’s affecting your marriage. Before it’s too late, you need to redirect your focus to what’s most important. Quit all the extracurricular activities. To avoid a marital  meltdown; seek to rejuvenate your marriage. One way you can rejuvenate your marriage and make it loving again by attending  A New Beginning, Marriage Renewal Weekend.

For research data related to infidelity, see zurinstitute: Affairs and Infidelity: Facts and Myths