MarriageBuilders Tool Kit

A New Beginning After Care Program

New insights discovered at A New Beginning, Marriage Renewal Weekend are powerful and can cause you and your mate to rediscover your love and experience a caring relationship again.  But, only a change of habits will keep your love strong and make your marriage last. It takes practice and reinforcement to create the new habits that will cause you and your spouse to stay in love.

The MarriageBuilders Tool Kit:

Gives you support and the tools you need to change old habits.  Habits that will enable you to meet each other’s emotional needs and relationship skills that can keep your love and marriage strong. Make your mate and marriage a priority and get to work building a strong marriage with the power tools you need to build a lasting marriage.

The MarriageBuilders Tool Kit consists of:

  • Four downloadable audio (MP3) training sessions
  • Study guides, including couples projects

The MarriageBuilders Tool Kit – Power Tools:

  • Establishing A Vision for Your Marriage
  • Reducing Conflict and Creating Harmony in Your Marriage
  • Vital Sign of a Healthy Marriage 
  • Rediscovering the Joy of Sex, Love and Intimacy in Your Marriage

MarriageBuilders Tool Kit – Crucial to the ongoing success of your marriage

  • It provides you with power tools that reinforce what you learned during the weekend,
  • It maximizes your momentum going forward, and equips you with new skills, tools and habits,
  • It provides the encouragement you need to establish you on a course of action that will keep your love alive and your marriage strong.

Convenient After Care Program

Following the weekend, you are eligible to participate in our “MarriageBuilders” after-care program designed to help you stay on a positive track of growth and development going forward in your New Beginning. The “MarriageBuilders Tool Kit” consists of four audio sessions with Study Guides and Couple Projects. Optional tele-counseling/coaching is also available following the weekend. Additional information and registration will be offered at the Retreat Weekend.

MarriageBuilders Tool Kit

Four Sessions for $79

Price: $79.00