Christian Marriage Intensive Retreats

Our Christian marriage retreat offers accelerated, intensive sessions, starting with a Confidential Marital Assessment to identify relationship barriers and needs. Call us at (281) 304-1500 to learn more!

Upcoming Christian Retreats in 2024

March 1-3, 2024

Jordan Ranch, Schulenburg, TX

Registration $2245

Early Registration: $2045 before 1/26/24

Jordan Ranch Retreat Center
Schulenburg, TX 78956
All inclusive, meals and lodging included.
Call us at (281) 304-1500 to learn more.

March 15-17, 2024


Registration $795

Early Registration: $695 before 2/17/24

April 5-7, 2024

Columbus, OH

Registration $1395

Early Registration: $1295 before 3/1/24

Event held at the Sheraton Suites
Columbus Worthington
$139 per night room rate

May 3-5, 2024

Houston, TX

Registration $1395

Early Registration: $1295 before 4/5/24

Event held at the Hyatt Regency
$165 per night room rate

Coming Soon

May 31-June 2, 2024

Los Angeles, CA

Who Should Attend Our Christian Marriage Intensive Retreats?

couples who

  • Feel distant or pulled apart by stress and pressures, and want a closer relationship.

  • Are not satisfied with their relationship due to conflict or communication difficulties.

  • Are recovering from a trauma, crisis or other major hurt such as an affair, unemployment, death in the family, separated, or trying to decide whether to stay together.

  • Simply want to enrich their relationship, communicate better and enhance their level of intimacy. This is an non-denominational program and couples from all backgrounds are welcome.

What You'll Experience at Our Retreats

real truth

Discover practical, proven, biblical tools for your marriage and a proven process that can restore your feelings of affection for each other, bring lasting change, and make your marriage loving again. Jesus Christ can help us as we restore and strengthen our relationship.

real renewal

You’ll gain and use practical tools and relationship skills that help you improve communication, understand each other’s needs, and practical ways to meet them, minimize frustration and actually experience greater fulfillment in your relationship.

real insights

Because certain male and female gender differences can cause immeasurable conflict in a marriage that can pull a couple apart, you’ll gain insights and understanding to accept each others “differentness”, and how to leverage those differences to create more harmony and closeness in your relationship.

Gain insight from marriage facilitators, coaches and counselors who communicate not only in a serious, problem-solving way, but who real, and fun, and who also share personal examples you can relate to and tools you’ll be able to readily apply.

Gain invaluable new insights into the attitudes and actions that restore love and make a vibrant marriage again.

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You’ll re-discover more love for each other and get closer to each other than you ever dreamed possible.

Experience a life-changing weekend as you spend time together away from the distractions and pressures of everyday life. Call us at (281) 304-1500 to know more. 

What happens at A New Beginning Marriage Intensive Retreat?

program begins friday at 7:00 pm and concludes on Sunday at 4:00 pm

The program is not conducted in a therapy group format. In fact, nobody is asked nor expected to share their problems with anyone except their spouse and a counselor or coach if needed. The format consists of closely guided exercises, experiential learning activities, scriptural teaching, relationship skills training, and application projects done both privately, and as a couple.

Over the course of a three-phase, closely guided intensive weekend, our team of marriage counselors, coaches and facilitators walk you and your spouse on a practical “step-by-step” journey utilizing therapeutic, timeless principles, applications and exercises which reveal the hidden barriers that have been harmful to your spouse and your marriage, and have kept your marriage from thriving.

pre-retreat preparation

Our program starts before you arrive for the weekend intensive. When you register for the retreat, we ask you and your spouse to each complete a couple’s “Confidential Marital Relationship Assessment” which gives us each spouse’s perspective of their presenting issues. This helps our team of counselors and coaches better understand how to work with you through A New Beginning renewal project.

day one - laying the foundation

Then, starting with our first session on Friday evening we begin the retreat by laying the foundation needed to embark upon a weekend journey which is an intensive one, yet which promises to be a very rewarding one.

day two - deep healing and restoration

On day two we begin walking you carefully, step by step through each aspect of a healing process crucial in helping you as a couple achieve a deep level of healing in your hearts and souls, from the least to the most painful of past events in your marriage.

Accomplishing this crucial step enables you to then be able to work together with less tension and a greater sense peace and unity. We then guide you through the process of re-establishing your emotional connection as a couple, addressing unresolved issues, using practical tools to rebuild communication, empathy, closeness, and friendship. By the end of the retreat, most couples have experienced major healing in their relationships and have started to become much more secure and connected in their relationships.

day three - planning for a healthier future

Lastly, in phase three, we assist you in developing a personalized plan for making attitude and behavioral life changes, and equipping you with tools to take those crucial next steps that will lead to a healthier, happier marriage going forward. Our after-care program is strategically designed to support the major changes, experiences and skills developed from the the weekend.

convenient after-care up program

Following the weekend, you are eligible to participate in our  “MarriageBuilders”  after-care program designed to help you stay on a positive track of growth and development going forward in your New Beginning. The “MarriageBuilders Tool Kit” consists of four audio sessions with Study Guides and Couple Projects. Optional tele-coaching is also available following the weekend. Additional information and registration will be offered at the Retreat Weekend.

The Impact on Your Marriage

  • You and your spouse will be challenged and empowered to take an honest look at yourselves and your marital relationship, put the past behind, deal with the relevant issues and rediscover the feeling of love you once had in your marriage.
  • Even if your marriage has become conflicted, cold, or distant; regardless of what negative feelings you may have toward each other now, experiencing this weekend will dramatically change your relationship, put you and your spouse on a path to recovery and life-long love.
  • Based on current leading research, timeless biblical principles, and our experience with hundreds of thousands crisis marriages, this solution-oriented, marriage intensive weekend will give you insights, tools and understanding, help you deal with your marital issues head-on. You’ll experience powerful insights that most often result in internal change of hearts and perspectives, that can turn your marriage around, and put the two of you on the path to life-long love.

28+ Years Helping Couples Overcome Marriage Difficulties

Founded by Roy & Sue Milam in 1995, Cornerstone has been at the forefront of offering Christian marriage retreats in Texas and across various other states. They have been married for 35 years. They share a passion for restoring marriages and helping couples build strong marriages and family relationships. Roy Milam has a Master’s degree in counseling, is a Marriage and Family Pastoral Counselor and an Ordained Minister. He authored “The Truth About Divorce”.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Marriage Intensive Weekend is designed to help couples who are struggling in their marriage. It is a closely guided, step by step approach. Participants will reconnect emotionally, heal many old hurts and learn how to resolve conflicts. It is experiential, unlike a seminar where it is just knowledge; you actually do the work over the weekend to begin to repair your relationship. This intensive Christian retreat for married couples is a combination of relationship training and structured exercises and projects. We meet as a group but there is no sharing between couples. Your sharing is private between you and your spouse or with a marriage coach or counselor. The couple learns to develop healthier communication patterns. They gain the tools to repair damage and move forward in their relationship.

We ask every person attending to complete a confidential Marriage Inventory Questionnaire. This helps our team to have adequate information about how to support you during the weekend.

It is for any couple that wants to improve their relationship. Many couples are currently separated, have filed for divorce, or consider themselves “on the brink.” We have even had divorced couples and engaged couples attend. Many couples who attend are recovering from infidelity or a major life crisis. It is not for couples that are in active addiction. This needs to be addressed before attending a weekend at our Christian couples retreat. It is also not designed for couples experiencing physical abuse. We are not trained or equipped to handle this.

We have a 4 session follow-up program. This is an audio podcast which is emailed on a weekly basis, making it a valuable resource for couples seeking guidance after leaving our Christian couples counseling retreat. It also comes with worksheets that the couple completes after listening to the podcast. The cost is $79, but financial assistance is available for those who cannot afford it. We also have ZOOM counseling available for those who need help following a retreat.

We do not want anyone to feel judged or pressured. We are a Christian ministry dedicated to providing a spiritual retreat experience where we share the truths found in the Bible. Jesus Christ can guide us in our journey of restoring our marriages. You will receive a workbook which has scripture under every major point. The speakers also share scriptures based on the teaching.

We have Financial Assistance available for those who cannot afford our intensive retreat due to low income or financial hardship. Simply complete the Financial Assistance Application. We are a ministry and want to assist couples who truly have financial need. We also offer an Online weekend which many couples utilize for the convenience of staying home and reduced costs to attend.

A New Beginning Marriage Intensive Retreat


CALL US AT (281) 304-1500 to Learn More

Our Cancellation and Refund Policy: Your registration fee is refundable, minus a $50 per person processing fee provided it is cancelled in writing at least 30 days prior to the Marriage Intensive Weekend you are registered for. Registrations made or cancelled less than 30 days prior to the event are not refundable for any reason. However, your registration will be transferred to another Marriage Retreat (costs for lodging and meals not included), within one year of the date of the retreat you were originally registered for. Please understand that while our mission at Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries is a Christian one, we are obligated to operate in accordance with business practices just as businesses are. In order to serve our clients, we make advance commitments to secure adequate meeting and lodging space, support personnel, counselors, program materials and resources. Therefore, we simply cannot make exceptions to our cancellation policy, but must adhere to this policy without exception, including emergencies. Please understand that this is not intended to be in any way uncaring or harsh, but it is a business reality that the ministry is obligated to, and one we ask you to accept when registering for an event. Thank you for understanding and agreeing to these terms.