What A New Beginning Marriage Renewal Retreat is NOT

Cornerstone’s Marriage Renewal Retreat is NOT a “cookie-cutter” DVD production that you watch at home alone. Nor is the retreat a lecture-type seminar where you sit in a big crowd, take notes and then leave. Once home, you try to do the work of repairing your relationship all on your own. Perhaps you’ve tried these unsuccessful programs and still have not found the answers you are looking for. Don’t give up hope…

We can assure you, through Cornerstone’s renewal process you’ll find caring and distinctively Christian marriage counseling. The help you will receive is practical, biblical, proven and effective.

Marriage Renewal Retreat Setting

  • Part of our process occurs in a group setting, but is not “Group Therapy.” Nobody is asked to share anything about their issues with other couples in the group. Talking about marital problems in a group can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. In addition, it can also be counter-productive and actually detrimental to the healing process.

  • Part of our process also occurs in a private, more comfortable setting. This type of setting offers couples the safety, confidentiality, personal coaching and counseling support they need. With this confidence couples begin to identify and communicate through tough issues and heal hurts in their relationships. Couples also resolve conflicts effectively and solve difficult problems.

God is able, and He wants to restore your marriage. We constantly see Him performing miracles… healing relationships and restoring marriages through our Christian Marriage Counseling Retreats and Intensives all the time. You may wonder, if this program is for you? Ask yourself: “If God wanted to give me a miracle and restore my marriage, would I be willing to accept it?”

Marriage Renewal Retreat Biblical Foundation

Cornerstone’s marriage renewal retreats utilize a biblical, experiential and guided approach that is the most powerful format for restoring marriages we have ever seen. Developed over twenty years working with couples in crisis, who for the most part felt hopeless, our program has proven effective in restoring 4 of 5 marriages, and has helped literally thousands of couples from across the country to overcome their barriers and experience the kind of caring, intimate marriage they long for.

In a post-weekend survey of 874 participants who attended Cornerstone Marriage Counseling Retreats, 86.7% reported they reconciled their relationships and recommitted to their marriages.

By the end of the marriage renewal retreat, most couples experience deep healing of the hurts and issues causing their pain. Once their relationships are reconciled and barriers removed, a sense of peace and affection is restored. Couple spend the remainder of the weekend equipping themselves with the skills and tools to create and sustain a healthy marriage.

“Unless the Lord Builds The House, They Labor In Vain Who Build It” – Psalm 127:1