Does Your Marriage Need a Tune-Up?

Most couples enter marriage with engines revved up but sooner or later find their relationship “missing” on one or two cylinders. Their once smooth-running machine begins to knock and sputter. Boredom sets in, passion wanes, and criticism and conflict become more frequent.

If the warning lights have you gripping the wheel, don’t panic. They may not indicate major trouble, but simply tell you what needs attention. These are normal responses to the challenges of everyday marriage and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re on the verge of a breakdown. But these kinds of feelings and behaviors can be similar to the warning lights on your dashboard, and they shouldn’t be ignored. When you see them, it’s always wise to stop and check things out. All that may be needed is some minor adjustments and routine maintenance. It may just be time for a tune-up.

Does Your Marriage Need A Tune Up: Steps to take to check it out:
(1) Find out what the maintenance schedule requires. For example, late-model marriages equipped with PMM (Periodic Marriage Maintenance) make some adjustments (such as counseling) unnecessary.

(2) Read your owner’s manual (the Bible) to get an idea of what applications your relationship needs. To perform critical maintenance services review and follow these important maintenance guidelines: 1 Peter 3:7 and Ephesians 5:24-31. (3) Assess the general condition of your marriage to spot problems. Complete the checklist below, and check your score:

Does Your Marriage Need A Tune Up: Warnings:
Avoid the “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it mentality.” That mindset can be costly in the marriage too!

*Never go to a secular counselor and ask him/her to “do whatever it needs” unless you want to be taken for a ride and be advised to get a divorce.

Does Your Marriage Need A Tune Up: Maintenance Precautions:
*Experts say that your marriage is unlikely to need a psychological intervention at every tune-up, but suggest a biblical intervention is more comprehensive.

*Most newer model marriages (2000 and up) don’t need tune-ups until 2 years or 24,000 miles. On most all models the spiritual fuel injection system needs to be cleaned and re-charged at this time.

*Older models may need a major tune-up if routine maintenance has not been performed. Marriage Maintenance Checklist

Check True or  False
(see directions below to calculate your marriage maintenance score)


If you score 8 or above, your marriage is considered strong. If you score below  5, your marriage could use some improvement. You need to get in soon for a Marriage Renewal Weekend!